Battle for Stones River - Game Three

The Ilyrian Crusade

During the Ilyrian Crusade, the Corsican 523rd was deployed as an occupation force on the planet Verus.  It had previously been ‘conquered’ by the Space Marines, but the remaining heretics were anything but submissive.   After making contact with one such heretic warband, Colonel ‘Blitzkrieg’ Caine personally gave chase. However, he soon found he had fallen into a shrewd enemy commander's trap.  Fortunately for Caine, he was rather shrewd himself and had split his pursuit force into two formations for just such an unlucky occasion...


Manticores near completion

Update on where I am at now
Army almost assembled
Manticores almost done painting besides weathering
Bases done for infantry models


Manitcore done. What do you think

I really don't know what to think about it, got really creative


Manticores assembled

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Manticore's assembled, not just need to paint and wait for magnets to get here.
On to finishing my bases and priming the tanks