"An Uneasy Alliance"
(Preview for last Saturday's team tournament)

 "This is Admiral Lucius Tahl, Commander of the Corsican 523rd Regiment of the Imperial Guard. Loyal Servants to the true Emperor.  We are in need of assistance.  We are outnumbered and in dangerous proximity to both Chaos and Xenos forces.  Please respond."


Ard Boyz Batrep #1

Hi! This past weekend was the first round for "Ard Boyz." I attended the one hosted by Dicehead, and decided to take my wolves as they're the only army I have that has significant models. I'm rather restricted on what I have, so I decided to tack on my Thunderwolf lance to my Steel Wolves list. Thankfully, I had painted the wolves first thing out of any figures (they're pretty fun to paint and look at), and had based them already. As it turns out they're exactly 500 points, so that worked great!


Blood Angels - 2,000 Points

I'm taking a look at my Blood Angels again, since my IG are about 95% complete (just need to paint up my new Manticore).  I've had a few test runs with my BA list against GKs and I've been successful, but I'm waiting for Stormcrow to figure his list out and stomp me.  This is a heavy mech list, but I feel it makes use of the Blood Angels speed, while also having enough close combat ability to hold its own when it finally meets the enemy.  It plays much different from my IG mech list.  The IG list is a more 'stationary' mech, while this BA list is a mobile run-and-gun list.  Anyway, on to the list:


List Updates

So I've been tinkering with my Space Wolves list, and I've cut some more fat and added some land speeders. I realized that the one bloated GH squad didn't really do much besides die, and if I had to use them it was pretty much too late to make a difference anyway. Ergo, I've eliminated them and their Rhino. I've also scratched the Wolf Guard, because when I roll leadership it's either so bad they don't make a difference, or whatever shoots or hits them has wiped them out.