Manticores near completion

Update on where I am at now
Army almost assembled
Manticores almost done painting besides weathering
Bases done for infantry models


Manitcore done. What do you think

I really don't know what to think about it, got really creative


First night basing 50 bases now waiting for them to dry so i can paint them :) good start so far


IG Proposed List

3 Manticores

3 Vendetta
2 squads of veterans in vendetta 3 meltas in each squad

4 squads of Verterans w/ chimera
3 melta guns in each squad

CCS in Chimera
4 meltas

Let me know what you think

1850 pts of IG painted in 18 days

I made a challenge to myself to paint 1850 points in 18 days of imperial guard. It is an extreme challenge and I hope that I am able to do it. I have to assemble, base, and paint the army. Wish me luck I will keep everyone up to date along with pictures as I get them done