IG Proposed List

3 Manticores

3 Vendetta
2 squads of veterans in vendetta 3 meltas in each squad

4 squads of Verterans w/ chimera
3 melta guns in each squad

CCS in Chimera
4 meltas

Let me know what you think


  1. I don't like the veterans in the vendettas. I'd say:

    -Remove one of the veterans in the vendettas.
    -Give the other one a chimera.
    -Reduce the command squad to two meltas, and add a regimental standard for morale rerolls within 12".
    -Add Marbo.
    1850 on the nose.

  2. You like the manticores, don't you?

    I always wondered weather an all-veteran Guard army would be viable. Is one squad of BS4 troops equal to 2-6 squads of BS3? I prefer the platoon organisation myself but with the vendettas and chimeras more than ofset that. What cost is the above list?

    1. The list above runs in at around 2,000 points.

      I tried to run a platoon command squad with 2 meltas in a chimera, and two infantry squads with a melta in each, and each in a chimera, as one of my troop slots.

      For the same points you can get two squads of veterans, with three meltas, both in chimeras. You lose one scoring unit, but you gain a lot of Str 8 Ap 1 shots, both in volume and accuracy.

      The list above has 2 too many manticores for my taste, but LegendaryGannon likes it.

      Personally, my most recent tournament list is here:

      I have a new incarnation in the works currently, I'll probably post it soon.