Battle for Stones River - Game Three

The Ilyrian Crusade

During the Ilyrian Crusade, the Corsican 523rd was deployed as an occupation force on the planet Verus.  It had previously been ‘conquered’ by the Space Marines, but the remaining heretics were anything but submissive.   After making contact with one such heretic warband, Colonel ‘Blitzkrieg’ Caine personally gave chase. However, he soon found he had fallen into a shrewd enemy commander's trap.  Fortunately for Caine, he was rather shrewd himself and had split his pursuit force into two formations for just such an unlucky occasion...


Manticores near completion

Update on where I am at now
Army almost assembled
Manticores almost done painting besides weathering
Bases done for infantry models


Manitcore done. What do you think

I really don't know what to think about it, got really creative


First night basing 50 bases now waiting for them to dry so i can paint them :) good start so far


IG Proposed List

3 Manticores

3 Vendetta
2 squads of veterans in vendetta 3 meltas in each squad

4 squads of Verterans w/ chimera
3 melta guns in each squad

CCS in Chimera
4 meltas

Let me know what you think

1850 pts of IG painted in 18 days

I made a challenge to myself to paint 1850 points in 18 days of imperial guard. It is an extreme challenge and I hope that I am able to do it. I have to assemble, base, and paint the army. Wish me luck I will keep everyone up to date along with pictures as I get them done


Battle for Stones River - Game Two

Assault on Greentoof Ford

Colonel 'Blitzkrieg' Caine looks on at Greentoof Ford, as the Ork caravan bears down on the Coriscan position.

"We hold here men! Do not give the greenskins a single inch! This is where we fight! Onward to glory, to victory!"  - Colonel Caine, prior to leading the charge into the river crossing that would be known thereafter as 'Greentoof Ford.'

When Big Mek Greentoof's rok landed on the planet of Kauro it ignited a Waaagh that would threaten to engulf the entire planet.  That is, until the Corsican 523rd arrived.  Greentoof Ford, named after the defeated big mek, was a key crossing point of the Siene River.  It had been a place of conflict between the local planetary defense forces and the feral ork tribes for centuries.  

Colonel Caine chose this shallow crossing as the place where he would break the back of Waaagh Greentoof.  He drew his battle lines here, and no ork, mek or otherwise, would make it alive across the Siene River. 


Battle for Stones River - Game One

Assault on Orlov Bridge

During the battle for the planet Charon IV, Orlov Bridge became a very important strategic location for Imperial supply lines.  Due to its location and age, it acted as a severe choke point.  All other bridges in the area had been destroyed by either the Imperial or the Chaos forces. On top of that, only one vehicle could cross Orlov Bridge at a time, otherwise it ran the risk of collapsing.  

Unfortunately, the Great Enemy became aware of this choke point, and eventually took hold of it, cutting off the imperial front lines from their much needed supplies.  Colonel 'Blitzkrieg' Caine stepped forward and offered his contingency plan to the Charon Campaign's High Command that would allow the mechanized elements of the 523rd to mobilize and break through the Chaos blockade.  High Command was working on a combined attack from the both sides of the river, but were having difficulty coordinating such an attack with the front line commanders.  They approved of Caine's assault, thinking it would be a suitable distraction at worst, giving them more time to prepare their own battle plans.  They only required that Caine keep the bridge intact, a request that would be much more difficult to fulfill than he realized.