Chattanooga Classic - Game One

Suppressing the rebellion of Nereus II
When the revolt broke out on Nereus II, the Corsican 523rd was the first to be deployed to the sector.  They would lead the charge into a fully equipped rebel army. Colonel 'Blitzkrieg' Caine was more than up to the task.  The battle cry for Nereus II would soon grow into the regimental motto, 'Sic Semper Hereticus,' thus always to heretics. 


Hobby Progress: Manticore Update

Quick update for this afternoon's progress.  I base coated all my infantry, and then turned my attention to completing my vehicles.  I some touching up to do on a Demolisher and my Chimeras, but my Manticore is 100% complete, as shown above.

Hobby Progress: Chattanooga Classic prep

Going against our usual schedule of one update a month, I thought I might show the progress on my army for the Chattanooga Classic coming up this weekend.  I have the day off today, so I'll have a majority of this painted by the end of today.


Chattanooga Classic - Possible IG List

First is a shot of my WIP Straken upgrade.  I was never truly happy with my original shotgun conversion.  This one is growing on me.  I had a gears of war style chainsaw-shotgun, but this one looked better I think.  To the left you can see his Tau bodyguard.  Working out the fluff for that in my head, but that pose is epic.


"An Uneasy Alliance"
(Preview for last Saturday's team tournament)

 "This is Admiral Lucius Tahl, Commander of the Corsican 523rd Regiment of the Imperial Guard. Loyal Servants to the true Emperor.  We are in need of assistance.  We are outnumbered and in dangerous proximity to both Chaos and Xenos forces.  Please respond."


Ard Boyz Batrep #1

Hi! This past weekend was the first round for "Ard Boyz." I attended the one hosted by Dicehead, and decided to take my wolves as they're the only army I have that has significant models. I'm rather restricted on what I have, so I decided to tack on my Thunderwolf lance to my Steel Wolves list. Thankfully, I had painted the wolves first thing out of any figures (they're pretty fun to paint and look at), and had based them already. As it turns out they're exactly 500 points, so that worked great!


Blood Angels - 2,000 Points

I'm taking a look at my Blood Angels again, since my IG are about 95% complete (just need to paint up my new Manticore).  I've had a few test runs with my BA list against GKs and I've been successful, but I'm waiting for Stormcrow to figure his list out and stomp me.  This is a heavy mech list, but I feel it makes use of the Blood Angels speed, while also having enough close combat ability to hold its own when it finally meets the enemy.  It plays much different from my IG mech list.  The IG list is a more 'stationary' mech, while this BA list is a mobile run-and-gun list.  Anyway, on to the list:


List Updates

So I've been tinkering with my Space Wolves list, and I've cut some more fat and added some land speeders. I realized that the one bloated GH squad didn't really do much besides die, and if I had to use them it was pretty much too late to make a difference anyway. Ergo, I've eliminated them and their Rhino. I've also scratched the Wolf Guard, because when I roll leadership it's either so bad they don't make a difference, or whatever shoots or hits them has wiped them out.


Results are In!

Well, Boxersaint and I both placed in the top 10!

Boxersaint was 6th, I was 9th, and Gannon was 18th, but only because he made a silly mistake, so don't take it too hard, bud ;)

Oh-guess who got the highest paint score?!

The noob?! The guy with the lowest "paint points" on this website (located on the left of the page).



Maul in the Mall BatRep #3

Hey! I see you've made it this far. For my last game I got matched up against a veteran Demon player by the name of Kevin. His army was beautifully painted, and when I asked him to take a picture of his army for me (he was across the table), I must have forgot to turn it on or something as there was no picture of it. Oh well. It was still a sight to behold, and his Fateweaver was a Forgeworld model that he had further modified himself. I was really excited about this upcoming game as I have never seen a Demon army in person let alone played against any. I've heard about them from the 11th Company podcast, so I was glad to test my firepower against their claws.

Maul in the Mall BatRep #2

Why hello there! After breaking for lunch the three of us come back to find our new matchups. Legendary Gannon winds up on the table right next to me against Nids. I look up and notice a Grey Knights army across from me. It looks familiar....


Maul in the Mall BatRep #1

Greetings! This weekend (7/23/11) Boxersaint, Legendary Gannon, and I drove up to Cleveland, TN to attend "Maul in the Mall!" The three of us brought, respectively, Imperial Guard, Orks, and Space Wolves. We had a great time, and Boxersaint won all of his games! I decided to take most of the pictures, so I suppose I'll be writing battle reports for my games. But before we dive in, here's my army, which I'm proud of considering this is my third month playing a table top game and first time ever assembling and painting an army.

Here's my list:


AGC Personal Goals for Maul in the Mall

Personal goals heading into Maul in the Mall:

1) Have a Vendetta live through an entire game.
2) Fire all 4 missiles from the Manticore in at least two games.
3) HAVE FUN! Seriously though, number three will be run one squad off the table edge via the Psyker Battle Squad.

1) Ghazghkull never dies.
2) Blow up a land raider with deff rolla.
3) do really well on my painting score.

1) Try and take good batrep pictures during every game.
2) Relax and not get flustered if(when) my dice fail me.
3) Remember that there is no figure my army can't shoot to death so don't pussy out/bend over and take it.
**Bonus noob goal: Win at least one game.**



So here is the evolution of Bjorn.

He isn't based yet, but he's pretty much done.


A Suitable Name for my Rune Priest

He shall be named:

Anathon Reinhold.

Many a psychic power he has denied, and many a foe has has rent asunder with his Runic Weapon.


Hobby Progress: Maul in the Mall Painting

Quick hobby update for the Coriscan 523rd. Shown above is my new Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Red Sable brush. I purchased it from Secret Weapon Miniatures earlier this week, and it kicked off my Maul in the Mall painting prep.  I will probably do a product review of it in the near future.  So far, I am very impressed with it.


IG v SW Battle Report Coming Soon!

Boxersaint has assured me that the battle report for our most recent clash will be posted soon! It was another "Maul" in the mall if you know what I mean.

SPOILER ALERT: Thunderwolves once again ride to victory, crushing bones and rending the flesh of any puny guardsmen who seek to oppose the Emperor.

Expect it soon.


Maul in the Mall Prep - Space Wolves vs 2+ save Blood Angels

So after Stormcrow faced 3 armies with 2+ saves against 3 different opponents, we decided to tweak his list a little and put it up against 10 Blood Angel terminators with storm shields.



2000 Tournament List - Coriscan 523rd

Not to be outdone by Stormcrow, I present my tournament list:


Company Command Squad(175)
3xPlasma Guns, Plasma Pistol, Regimental Standard, Chimera

Primaris Psyker(70)

Veteran Squad(155)
3xMeltaguns, Chimera

Veteran Squad(155)
3xMeltaguns, Chimera

Veteran Squad(200)
3xGrenade Launchers, Demolitions, Carapace, Chimera

Veteran Squad(145)
3xFlamers, Demolitions, Carapace


2000 Tournament List-Steel Wolves

Steel Wolves-2000 Pts

Bjorn= Plasma Cannon-270
Run Priest= Chooser of the Slain, Wolf Tail Talisman, Jaws of the World Wolf, Storm Caller-115
Dreadnought= Twin Linked Lascannon, Heavy Flamer-145
Dreadnought= Twin Linked Lascannon, Heavy Flamer-145
Long Fangs x6= 5 Missile Launcher, Lazorback-215
Long Fangs x6= 5 Missile Launcher, Lazorback-215
Long Fangs x6= 5 Missile Launcher, Lazorback-215
Grey Hunter x5= Meltagun, Las/Plasmaback-115
Grey Hunter x 8= Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino-185
Grey Hunter x 7= Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino-170
Grey Hunter x 7= Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino-170


Assembling the War Machine

So I've stumbled upon a list that works amazingly well. It abuses 48 inch range and uses the Space Wolf Codex to draw every last bit of flexibility and....cheapness. Tons of firepower at 48 inches, lots of Grey Hunters everywhere, and more missiles than I know what to do with. Plus, with Bjorn, I get a great chance of going first (unless Justin BoxerSaint seizes the initiative like always.)

Needless to say, I'll be taking this list to the tourney next month and I'm going to be converting some rifleman dreadnoughts for the next week. I'll post pics when I get them assembled.

I need a good name for my army, which I'll post up here tomorrow.


11 Units in 6 Weeks

July 23rd, 2011
Maul in the Mall
2000 points of Blood Angels
11 Units
6 Weeks
1 Man

Alea iacta est


Crunch Time

Two days until the Chattanooga SIEGE begins, that means CRUNCH TIME.  The Team tournament is Friday night, and the 2k singles tournaments are Saturday and Sunday.  I have 15 Infantry to finish painting, two leman russes and Vendetta to detail, and 62 infantry to base(plus a Vendetta base), all in two nights.


New look!

And address. Hope this doesn't throw off all five of our readers. Sorry, mom.

Anyways, we will probably be tweeting some games at tournaments in the future; my Any Given Codex twitter will be AGC_Stormcrow. We'll keep you updated, so stop sending us angry emails.

Stormcrow out


A Christening Post

Why hello there!

It seems I have been given the ultimate authority and a prize sought by many-assistant author privileges on Corsican 523rd  Any Given Codex. Bringing me aboard has increased subscribers by 500% within 24 hours; so all five of you will have an interesting read I'm sure.

Anyways, at BoxerSaint's behest I will submit my own writings on this prestigious blog from now on. My plans are to include some battle reports, painting updates for my army (those with weak stomachs are advised against viewing my attempts at painting), and theory crafting with army compositions.


Not dead yet!

I've not fallen into the abyss yet. I'm actually falling behind on my painting schedule. I should have finished up my vehicles last week, but I really only have 1.5 finished out of 4. The Vendetta and Leman Russ rivets turned out to be much smaller than those on the Chimeras, so that is slowing me down.

This week I need to finish 6 mortar teams, a Platoon Command Squad, and perhaps my Primaris Psyker(if I can decide on a color scheme for him).

Next week I have to finish 2 Infantry Squads and a Commissar, and the week after that I have a Veteran Squad to complete AND I have to base all my infantry. That is also the same week as the tournament, which will start on Friday. I may try to complete all 31 infantry models next week so I am not too rushed he following week. We'll see what happens.

I will have some pictures up in a few days time, once I finish off the vehicles. I am very proud of how my Vendetta turned out. Even magnetized it!


2,000 Point Imperial Guard List

This entire painting sprint is for a local tournament in May.  I will be participating in two 2,000 point tournaments, and hopefully a 2,000 point Team Tournament.  I thought I would post my 2k pt list for people to kick around.  It is a little late in the game to start changing too many things, but if you have any input on the list I'm open to listening. 

I haven't had but 2-3 test games with this list, so my biggest struggle is going to be understanding how each unit can support the next.  My lack of meltaguns worries me too, but I expect the Medusa to make up for it.  I'll have to keep her protected.

HQ HQ:18.00%
Reg. Standard15Heavy:25.50%
Priest45Kill Points:19/20
Primaris Psyker70 
+3 Psykers30Total Psyker #:7
2xInfantry Squads100 
2xHeavy Weapon Squads w/Mortars120 
Medusa w/Enclosed Top and Bastion Breaker Shells155 
Leman Russ Battle Tank150 
Side Sponson Plasma Cannons40 


Company Command Squad w/Straken

Last week's unit to paint was my Company Command Squad.  It consists of Colonel "Iron hand" Straken, 3xMeltagun veterans, a Regimental Standard, a Ministorum Priest, and their Heavy Flamer/Multilaser Chimera.

I finished them all yesterday, and that puts me right on schedule.  Here is a quick look at the Command Squad.  I took a few more pictures of them, but decided not to use them.  You can view them at my flickr page, and you can usually see pictures there before I post, as I upload them a day or two prior to posting them on the blog.



Straken and his Priest, ready to roll.


Regimental Standard.  I struggled between making it too bland, and making it too colorful.  I wanted it to both fit in and stand out.  I am happy with the result.  Except for the yellow. I can never get a good coat of yellow. :(

I am actually pretty proud of this guy.  Old school Cadian "Chimera turret guy."  I believe that is the technical term. Haha.  Anyway, I took a flag from the lance of an Warhammer Fantasy Empire Knight, and glued it down behind him.  I originally wanted to have two flags, and mount them on either side of the Chimera like the President does with his limo, but my wife told me it looked dumb, so I settled for this.

Back view.  I painted the flag Necron Abyss, to match the trim of my infantry.


On the schedule for next week:
Magnetize and paint a Vendetta - (Been wanting to paint this thing since day 1, I am pumped!)
Paint a Demolisher
Paint a Leman Russ Battle Tank
Convert and paint a Medusa

The only thing I worry about are the converting/magnetizing, painting vehicles with my paint scheme is fairly straight forward and easy, but if the converting slows me down, then I may be hosed.  We'll see how it goes.  I may give an update halfway through the week.


Corsica - A Quick Historical Analysis of Modern Military Thought

Recently finished Ministorum Priest

Regiments of Corsica

Traditionally, Corsican regiments have been predominantly infantry-based, backed by formations of cavalry and artillery.  Very few transports are implemented into the Corsican Commanders' school of thought. This primarily reflects the historical Corsican culture.

 When originally rediscovered by the Imperium, Corsica was a developing feudal world. Corsican las technology was deteriorated, specifically in their cooling mechanism. Because engineers on the planet could not fully comprehend the internal components of a lasgun cooling system, Corsican-pattern lasguns were developed to only allow one shot every 15-20 seconds.  This allowed an infantryman to fire three volleys every minute, without overheating his rifle.

Corsican commanders developed their battlefield tactics to adapt to the technology, and would arrange their soldiers in ranks, coordinating disciplined firing lines to allow a constant barrage of las fire at their enemies, which, more often than not, were other Corsicans.

Most lasguns produced on Corsica today still retain the firing delay mechanism, for both historical reasons, and for civil protection. Most Corsican boys raised with lasguns, taught how to shoot them, how to hunt with them, and as such they are already well trained marksmen when they are drafted into the military.  Most serve their mandatory 5 year compulsory term in the Planetary Defense Force, but some are conscripted and sent off-world to fight in distant Imperial campaigns.

The Corsican regulars are generally given a Corsican-pattern lasgun, with the delayed firing mechanism. Fully automatic lasguns are reserved specifically for regimental veterans and elite combat units.  As such, Corsican commanders that take to the field still employ the old firing ranks that were used centuries ago on Corsica, and they use it devastatingly.  Of course, this isn't true for every Corsican commander. The more liberal commanders are starting to employ more transports and fast vehicles in their armies, developing rapid deployment and mechanized strategies to adapt to the ever changing ebb and flow of war in the 41st millennium.


On Schedule, for now...

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 002

Well, I am still on schedule to paint 2,000 points of Imperial Guard over 8 weeks. I finished my Veteran Squad with Plasma Guns last night, along with their Chimera.

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 003

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 006
This was my first time to paint a plasma gun.  I may return later on and attempt the "glowing" effect that a lot of people are using now, but this will suffice for the time being.

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 011

Here we have a decent shot of the Necron Abyss I am so proud of(along with my golden finger.)

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 019

Standard Chimera paint job.

And last but not least, a little taste of what should be finished next, the one, the only, Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken!  The Colonel is sporting an over-sized plasma pistol, a great coat, some elementary green stuff, and a spare space marine right arm.  I had always intended to paint my officers grey with blue trim, but now I may go with black with blue trim.  We'll see what happens.
Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 020

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 021