Maul in the Mall BatRep #2

Why hello there! After breaking for lunch the three of us come back to find our new matchups. Legendary Gannon winds up on the table right next to me against Nids. I look up and notice a Grey Knights army across from me. It looks familiar....


This is the same one! It looks simply stunning in person. Tony/Kal-el(on DakkaDakka) has run with a superman theme and even has the shirt to match it. Here are some more pictures.

Even though the shot was blurry; the LED lights were awesome. Tony's Knights had quite the backstory and were called "1st Company of the Kandorian-Knights of New Krypton."

His knights presumed to demand to wipe the minds of a few Space Wolves for accidentally happening upon a few knights. These Knights had arrived early for a suspected Daemon Incursion on a planet occupied, momentarily, by the Steel Wolves. Logan scoffed at their demands and dispatched Bjorn and a chosen few to show them that the wolves are not to be trifled with. The Steel Wolves (that's us-the good guys!), decide to show them that they can take our fellow wolfkin if they wish to pay the price-the price of blood.

The stage has been set; his list is as follows:

Grand Master
10 Purifiers in a Rhino with Psybolt Ammunition
10 Grey Knight Strike Squad in a Rhino with psybolt ammunition, two of these
Stormraven with Lascannons and TL multi-melta
Land Raider Redeemer
Nemesis Dreadnight, bare save for a personal teleporter
5 GK terminators with MC Daemonhammer, halberd x3, and a psycannon with psybolt ammunition

My list is as follows:

Bjorn with a Plasma Cannon
Rune Priest - Living Lightning and Storm Caller, w/Chooser of the Slain
2xDreadnoughts with TLLascannons and heavy flamers
3xWolf Guard(2xw/Combi-plasma, 1xw/Combi-melta and power fist)
9xGrey hunters(Mark of the Wulfen and Wolf standard, and 1xMelta gun) in a Rhino
5xGrey hunters w/1xplasma gun in a LasPlas Razorback
5xGrey hunters w/1xplasma gun in a LasPlas Razorback
5xGrey hunters w/1xFlamer
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback

The mission: 5 objectives, Dawn of War (no nightfighting), and any unit can score. Nominate a unit that you don't want killed and another unit you don't care if it dies (VIP and unit X). If your unit X is alive and their VIP is dead, you win this tertiary objective.

He chooses his Purifiers as his VIP and Dread as his unit X. My VIP is Bjorn and unit X is my Rune Priest. I still have faith in Bjorn even though last game was rough for him. His Grand Master gives the purifiers and terminators counter-assault.

I win the roll off and let him go first.

He rolls on a Rhino, and I opt to have nothing on save Bjorn.
He moves on and waits for me. Thankfully the Stormraven doesn't go full out to my face; I'm not sure if he could anyway, and he wasn't sure either I think (he hasn't played in a while, he said).

This is what I decided to do. The wolves have prepared to defend themselves from the pompous Grey Knights and show them the true meaning of loyalty to the Emperor. I open fire with the fury of 5 twin linked lascannons and two regular ones.
I pop a Rhino, spilling the contents to the table. He has LED lights in them, and he turns them off when they die; I felt bad extinguishing the lights from such a great looking vehicle, but such is the cost of war!

I wind up nailing the Stormraven as well. His Dreadknight takes two wounds from lascannons. Ouch!

His Turn!
He moves up towards my troops.
A better shot of my encroaching doom. Those purifiers are going to hurt when/if they arrive.
A better shot of my firing line. He can't hit me with anything yet as he can't reach me.

He runs away and I know he's waiting to teleport to me when I move out later in the game to get some objectives.

It's my turn and I move up slowly. The bodyguard Dreadnoughts are catching up to Bjorn and my left flank of Las/plas razorbacks with troops along with Bjorn and the dreadnoughts move up the left flank.
I wreck his other Rhino on the far right. They look awesome.
Look even better to me as they're getting shelled!
He inherits my luck from last game.
A better shot.
For his turn he moves up to my units.
Here are his remaining terminators.
It's my turn and I know he's about to unleash the pain next turn, so I have to make this count. Bjorn and friends move up to take on the Strike Squad holding up in the middle behind that ruins, and the razorbacks move towards his terminators. I wind up getting lucky and shooting at this Dreadknight, killing it through cover.
Bjorn and his cronies closing in.
The Dreadknight is shocked at our audacity for defying the Grey Knights.
I shoot a meltagun at his land raider and immobilize it. Great.
His turn! He gets out and readies his troops to assault a Long Fang squad. Uh oh.
Here they are...They attempt to cast Hammerhand but Anathon cancels one.
At least they look good doing so.

His Strike Squad from earlier walks up and assaults my flamer 5 man GH squad. He shoots at my Long Fang Squad to soften them up, but I get unlucky with my saves and they all die under a torrent of fire from storm bolters and psycannons. Or was it lucky? He can't assault them now! No multi-assault for you. The Purifiers stand in place looking around confused at the lack of targets. My Long Fangs serve me even in death! It's time for the Steel Wolves (yes I love Battletech/Mechwarrior) to show them what a true "shooty" army can do. For my turn I move around and unload my Grey Hunter squad to shoot him.
The jaws close in. I often try to draw assaulty armies in and encircle them with my units as Space Wolves are surprisingly resilient due to counter-assault and my dreadnoughts. Plus, my 10 man squad is pretty deadly in any situation. My Long Fangs usually wind up being the anvil for the rest of my armie's hammer.
Bjorn is about to pimp slap this squad here all by himself. The old man has a few tricks up his sleeve.
Blurry! Back on my side I unload on his purifiers.
Under-costed Long Fang faceroll time! Tee hee!
He saves a lot so I only kill a few. Another try!
A few more wind up perishing.
Here's a professional action shot (blurry? It's "Action") of Anathon directing fire into the squad. His Jaws of the World Wolf fail to kill anyone. I will re-evaluate it's usefulness in my army due to the fact I have only ever killed four units with it since my first game several months ago in a garage.
REAL LIFE ACCIDENT! I knock over my display board and my snow/baking soda/cocaine/prize support spills to the ground. Somebody get a straw and paper!
His numbers dwindle as I pour more bolters into him.
Lascannons open fire and the stench of singed metal permeates throughout the air.
Bjorn flames and plasma cannons the squad before assaulting.
Here he goes! They can't hurt him so he cackles as the "best of the best" flail about ineffectively.
Here are the last two standing.
Bjorn kills all but two. The next combat turn he cuts them down, his claws dripping with blood of the slain as he steps over their dead bodies.
His turn! He shoots and assaults a Long Fang Squad
He kills them and consolidates closer. I get lucky and fail several saves, wiping out my own unit so the rest of my army can blast him to dust the next turn. Long Fangs continue to serve.
A shot of the carnage. Notice the two Strike Squad units on the far right.
The remaining terminators on the far left flank eventually perish from a torrent of plasma, lascannon, and bolter shots.
I wind up killing everything but this Land Raider which survives a full round of shooting after this. Oh well. I take maximum points and show the Grey Knights that it's unwise to mess with the Space Wolves. Other chapters may acquiesce to their ridiculous demands but we look after our own.

Unfortunately for him my list was pretty much a direct counter to this list. His army looked amazing and even if I had gotten steamrolled it would have been an honor to play against such a well-painted and themed army.

However, our savagery will prove to be unfortunate. The Grey Knights were there for a reason, and the Daemons they were preparing for watched our skirmish and chose to attack not long after. The ensuing battle (read: blood bath) coming up next! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Two nice looking armies. Glad you got to play against those Grey Knights. You were drooling all over them when we arrived.