Hobby Progress: Maul in the Mall Painting

Quick hobby update for the Coriscan 523rd. Shown above is my new Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Red Sable brush. I purchased it from Secret Weapon Miniatures earlier this week, and it kicked off my Maul in the Mall painting prep.  I will probably do a product review of it in the near future.  So far, I am very impressed with it.

 Here we have my second Melta Veterans squad, minus one melta gun that is already painted. I started with a black base coat, and then added tallarn flesh to the skin areas.

After that I added metal to the guns and belt buckles, and Necron Abyss to some of the clothing.  It is barely visible here, but the wrist cuffs, belts, ankle covers, and shirt trim all have Necron Abyss.  It looks good on the model, but isn't very striking. I am happy with my paint scheme overall, but I wish it popped a little more on the table top.

And finally we have the finished squad.  I added the black/grey speckled camo to their shoulder pads, chest plates, and helmet, and then I put a black wash on all the skin and metals.  I spent around two to three nights total on this squad.  They generally don't see the table top enough to warrant spending much more time on them.  They are either inside their chimera all game, or blown to pieces afterwards.

One squad down, one squad to go, (and a Vendetta, and a Company Commander, and an Officer of the Fleet.)


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