Results are In!

Well, Boxersaint and I both placed in the top 10!

Boxersaint was 6th, I was 9th, and Gannon was 18th, but only because he made a silly mistake, so don't take it too hard, bud ;)

Oh-guess who got the highest paint score?!

The noob?! The guy with the lowest "paint points" on this website (located on the left of the page).



Maul in the Mall BatRep #3

Hey! I see you've made it this far. For my last game I got matched up against a veteran Demon player by the name of Kevin. His army was beautifully painted, and when I asked him to take a picture of his army for me (he was across the table), I must have forgot to turn it on or something as there was no picture of it. Oh well. It was still a sight to behold, and his Fateweaver was a Forgeworld model that he had further modified himself. I was really excited about this upcoming game as I have never seen a Demon army in person let alone played against any. I've heard about them from the 11th Company podcast, so I was glad to test my firepower against their claws.

Maul in the Mall BatRep #2

Why hello there! After breaking for lunch the three of us come back to find our new matchups. Legendary Gannon winds up on the table right next to me against Nids. I look up and notice a Grey Knights army across from me. It looks familiar....


Maul in the Mall BatRep #1

Greetings! This weekend (7/23/11) Boxersaint, Legendary Gannon, and I drove up to Cleveland, TN to attend "Maul in the Mall!" The three of us brought, respectively, Imperial Guard, Orks, and Space Wolves. We had a great time, and Boxersaint won all of his games! I decided to take most of the pictures, so I suppose I'll be writing battle reports for my games. But before we dive in, here's my army, which I'm proud of considering this is my third month playing a table top game and first time ever assembling and painting an army.

Here's my list:


AGC Personal Goals for Maul in the Mall

Personal goals heading into Maul in the Mall:

1) Have a Vendetta live through an entire game.
2) Fire all 4 missiles from the Manticore in at least two games.
3) HAVE FUN! Seriously though, number three will be run one squad off the table edge via the Psyker Battle Squad.

1) Ghazghkull never dies.
2) Blow up a land raider with deff rolla.
3) do really well on my painting score.

1) Try and take good batrep pictures during every game.
2) Relax and not get flustered if(when) my dice fail me.
3) Remember that there is no figure my army can't shoot to death so don't pussy out/bend over and take it.
**Bonus noob goal: Win at least one game.**



So here is the evolution of Bjorn.

He isn't based yet, but he's pretty much done.


A Suitable Name for my Rune Priest

He shall be named:

Anathon Reinhold.

Many a psychic power he has denied, and many a foe has has rent asunder with his Runic Weapon.


Hobby Progress: Maul in the Mall Painting

Quick hobby update for the Coriscan 523rd. Shown above is my new Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Red Sable brush. I purchased it from Secret Weapon Miniatures earlier this week, and it kicked off my Maul in the Mall painting prep.  I will probably do a product review of it in the near future.  So far, I am very impressed with it.


IG v SW Battle Report Coming Soon!

Boxersaint has assured me that the battle report for our most recent clash will be posted soon! It was another "Maul" in the mall if you know what I mean.

SPOILER ALERT: Thunderwolves once again ride to victory, crushing bones and rending the flesh of any puny guardsmen who seek to oppose the Emperor.

Expect it soon.