Midweek Hobby Update - Painting Schedule

I was suppose to finish my Psyker Battle Squad this week, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  Right now I have a practice model just about finished. Lots of traveling last weekend and this coming weekend is slowing me down.  So I have made a revised schedule to complete my 1000 pt Army, and integrated my 2000 pt list into it as well.

Week of: |-| Unit to Complete
Apr 3rd - PBS w/Chimera
Apr 10th - Plasma Squad(Conversion work, helmets, armor)
Apr 17th - CCS w/Chimera(Paint an infantry squad sergeant)
Apr 24th - Vendetta(Conversion work), Demolisher, | Demolisher, Medusa(Conversion work)(Try gauze for camo)
--------------- ----------------------------------
May 1st - PCS w/Chimerax2 and 6xMortars(3 with conversion work needed)
May 8th - 2 Infantry Squads w/Commissar
May 15th - Flamer Vets

The week of April 24th marks the crossover from 1000 points to 2000 points. Everything after the first Demolisher is from the 2000 point list.

It is a fairly aggressive schedule. The vendetta will be magnetized(my first time to attempt it), so that will be extra work. And the Medusa will need to be converted from its current Basilisk form. I may attempt some magnetizing there, in case the Basilisk becomes awesome later on, depends on my time schedule.

My paint scheme makes vehicles go very quickly, so the two Demolishers should be knocked out in one night, same with all the chimeras.

I think I can pull it off.



I didn't get much done since Wednesday.  The Psyker Battle Squad was primed and is ready to be painted.  I've decided to paint two Sanctioned Psyker models in grey, and the guardsmen/psyker models in earth tones, mostly browns.  I'm not sure how I want to paint the Overseer.  The Overseer is a Mordian sergeant, so I think I may paint him black with gold trim, but that is subject to change.  I could see him in a bleached bone with gold trim. I'll also be painting the Primaris Psyker, while I am in the psyker zone.  He will be done in a white.  Gotta keep the wizardry hierarchy going, right Lotr fans?

I'll be out of town all weekend, so I won't get anything accomplished this weekend.  I am still ahead of schedule though.  Maybe I will be able to finish my full 2,000 point army before May, and not just my 1,000 points.  We'll see.


Midweek Hobby Update

Halfway through week one of the 6 week Painting Drive. This week was the standard Hellhound, which was finished in two days. With that accomplished, I’ve moved onto my scheduled unit for week two, the Psyker Battle Squad.

I am using two Sanctioned Psyker models, and I’ve built 6 extra models from spare Cadian/Catachan bits. They required quite a lot of green stuff to make them look more ragged and not just like regular guardsmen. Greenstuff’ing isn’t my specialty, but they turned out decent enough. I’ll have some pictures up in a few days. I found an old, cheap necklace I had bought to use as chains on another project, and decided it’d be cool to have chains around their ankles.

In “Fluff Theory”, the two Sanctioned Psykers will be channeling their energy into the 5-6 soldiers, using them as an amplifier for their abilities.(In “Money Theory”, it was cheaper to use what I already had rather than spend $30 on 6 more models.)

I ran out of spray paint, so I couldn’t prime them last night. Instead, I moved on to my veterans’ special weapons. I needed three melta gun conversions for my Command Squad, and three plasma conversions for my Veteran Squad. I saw an online tutorial that used the Cadian grenade launcher arms for melta guns, so I used that conversion trick on both sets. They turned out rather nice. Once I find the link again I’ll post it up here.

Finally, my wife bought me an awesome drafting table for $10 at a local thrift shop. I am very excited about it. I immediately had my entire 2k point force laid out, and still had plenty of room for painting and converting. So far, it has been a great week for hobbying.


Week 1 : Hellhound

40k IG Hellhound 1

Sunday started week one of my "Six Units in Six Weeks" Paint-a-thon. I got a jump start on it Saturday afternoon, and as of Sunday night my Hellhound was completed, save for some minor touch up work. I really like the burning on the tip of the Flamer, and the black-gray speckled camo is turning out nice as well. Much better than I had anticipated.

Hellhound Conversion 2


Report from the Team Tourney

So, the Tournament didn't go so well.

First round was against a Space Wolf + Dark Angel list, loaded with Terminators all around. It was a kill point game. Our only AP2 was my Vindicator, which shot once. I think we ended that game with only 3 Blood Angel assault marines alive, and they were surrounded by Terminators.

Second game was against Tyranid + Dark Eldar, we put up a good fight, but didn't have the staying power to hold the 4 objectives. It ended with us not having much left on the board. We had a few good punches, but nothing to write home about.

We left before the third game. My wife wasn't feeling well, so I had to rush home, plus we were getting slaughtered so bad that my teammate didn't mind us stepping out.

Now that all that is behind me it is time to look towards the team tournament in May with my brother-in-law's Orks. I have my list built, Imperial Guard this time, and I have 8 weeks to paint up 6 units. Week one starts today, and I will be working on my Hellhound.

It was an old nasty chimera I picked up from Barter Town, and as of this afternoon it has been stripped and primed. I had to convert the turret, of course, and I've converted a hull-mounted multi-melta. I'll have pictures up later in the week.


Team Tournament

So I just moved to the area here about a month ago. There is a larger 40k community than the 40k desert I used to live in, so that excites me. I only have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest gaming store, instead of the hour and a half I used to drive.

Someone posted that they needed a partner for a doubles tournament this weekend and I jumped all over it. I didn't even know there was a tournament this weekend. I haven't played in a tournament since early January, so tomorrow is going to be great.

My teammate(who I have not actually met yet), is running Space Marines, and I will be taking my Blood Angels. When I started 40k back up last August, my first tournament was also a doubles tournament with a player I didn't know. We ran Tau and Imperial Guard, with minor success.

Here is the 1250 list I will be taking:

Reclusiarch w/Plasma Pistol - 145

Corbulo - 105
Techmarine w/Jumppack and combo-melta - 60

9xDeath Company w/2xPower fists - 230
Rhino w/Extra armor, dozer blade - 70

Assault squad w/ meltagun, razorback with TL assault cannon - 165

Assault squad w/ meltagun, razorback with TL lascannon - 165

Baal Predator w/side heavy flamers, dozer blade - 145

Vindicator w/Siege shield, extra armor -170


The rules said they allow 5 points over the limit, but if they end up not doing that I can change the vindicator's siege shield to a dozer blade.

So, two TL assault cannons, and a vindicator all with a range of 24", also fast vehicles, making an effective range of 36". Once we get into that 24", they will pummel everything in sight.

I originally had a stock librarian with shield to provide some protection for the vehicles, but I think with proper deployment/moving, plus a smoke launcher here and there, I can provide ample cover to everyone.

I took a TL lascannon to provide some reach. I usually run all assault cannons, but lately it has been nice to have one almost guarnateed lascannon hit to slap something on the back lines.

The reclusiarch and the death company are the hammer unit. They will, hopefully, get stuck in quick and start eating things up. The power fists let them take on walkers, so they can't be tar pitted by them.

Techmarine will generally deep strike with the Combimelta and pop something big and shiny. He has a 1/3 chance to hit, which usually rings true in 3 round tournaments. I always use corbulo's refill on that Combimelta when it misses, and when it doesn't I save it for something that might be game changing.

And that is my plan.

It is shared force org, otherwise I would have a lot more baal predators. My ally is using the following:
hq - librarian

troops - 10 scout snipers with a missile launcher and camo cloaks
10 scouts with bolters a heavy bolter and a teleport homer and melta bombs

fast - 4 bikers with 2 flamers and melta bombs and a attack bike with a multi-melta
9 assault marines with melta bombs in a rhino

elites - 5 terminators with a cyclone missile launcher

heavy - 2 whirl winds

I assume we will use his cloaked scouts for objective missions, hopefully with a reinforced ruin from my tech marine. His whirlwinds can drop bombs all day. Hs assault squad should be running close to my death company, and his terminators will teleport in close to the locator beacon and cause some damage. The bike squad will hopefully leave a trail of bodies in their wake too.

We won't win any attrition battles, but if we hit hard and fast maybe we will be the ones left standing after the dice settle.

I will try to remember what all happens and write up a few battle reports after the tournament.

BoxerSaint, out.