Report from the Team Tourney

So, the Tournament didn't go so well.

First round was against a Space Wolf + Dark Angel list, loaded with Terminators all around. It was a kill point game. Our only AP2 was my Vindicator, which shot once. I think we ended that game with only 3 Blood Angel assault marines alive, and they were surrounded by Terminators.

Second game was against Tyranid + Dark Eldar, we put up a good fight, but didn't have the staying power to hold the 4 objectives. It ended with us not having much left on the board. We had a few good punches, but nothing to write home about.

We left before the third game. My wife wasn't feeling well, so I had to rush home, plus we were getting slaughtered so bad that my teammate didn't mind us stepping out.

Now that all that is behind me it is time to look towards the team tournament in May with my brother-in-law's Orks. I have my list built, Imperial Guard this time, and I have 8 weeks to paint up 6 units. Week one starts today, and I will be working on my Hellhound.

It was an old nasty chimera I picked up from Barter Town, and as of this afternoon it has been stripped and primed. I had to convert the turret, of course, and I've converted a hull-mounted multi-melta. I'll have pictures up later in the week.

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