Midweek Hobby Update

Halfway through week one of the 6 week Painting Drive. This week was the standard Hellhound, which was finished in two days. With that accomplished, I’ve moved onto my scheduled unit for week two, the Psyker Battle Squad.

I am using two Sanctioned Psyker models, and I’ve built 6 extra models from spare Cadian/Catachan bits. They required quite a lot of green stuff to make them look more ragged and not just like regular guardsmen. Greenstuff’ing isn’t my specialty, but they turned out decent enough. I’ll have some pictures up in a few days. I found an old, cheap necklace I had bought to use as chains on another project, and decided it’d be cool to have chains around their ankles.

In “Fluff Theory”, the two Sanctioned Psykers will be channeling their energy into the 5-6 soldiers, using them as an amplifier for their abilities.(In “Money Theory”, it was cheaper to use what I already had rather than spend $30 on 6 more models.)

I ran out of spray paint, so I couldn’t prime them last night. Instead, I moved on to my veterans’ special weapons. I needed three melta gun conversions for my Command Squad, and three plasma conversions for my Veteran Squad. I saw an online tutorial that used the Cadian grenade launcher arms for melta guns, so I used that conversion trick on both sets. They turned out rather nice. Once I find the link again I’ll post it up here.

Finally, my wife bought me an awesome drafting table for $10 at a local thrift shop. I am very excited about it. I immediately had my entire 2k point force laid out, and still had plenty of room for painting and converting. So far, it has been a great week for hobbying.

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