Midweek Hobby Update - Painting Schedule

I was suppose to finish my Psyker Battle Squad this week, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  Right now I have a practice model just about finished. Lots of traveling last weekend and this coming weekend is slowing me down.  So I have made a revised schedule to complete my 1000 pt Army, and integrated my 2000 pt list into it as well.

Week of: |-| Unit to Complete
Apr 3rd - PBS w/Chimera
Apr 10th - Plasma Squad(Conversion work, helmets, armor)
Apr 17th - CCS w/Chimera(Paint an infantry squad sergeant)
Apr 24th - Vendetta(Conversion work), Demolisher, | Demolisher, Medusa(Conversion work)(Try gauze for camo)
--------------- ----------------------------------
May 1st - PCS w/Chimerax2 and 6xMortars(3 with conversion work needed)
May 8th - 2 Infantry Squads w/Commissar
May 15th - Flamer Vets

The week of April 24th marks the crossover from 1000 points to 2000 points. Everything after the first Demolisher is from the 2000 point list.

It is a fairly aggressive schedule. The vendetta will be magnetized(my first time to attempt it), so that will be extra work. And the Medusa will need to be converted from its current Basilisk form. I may attempt some magnetizing there, in case the Basilisk becomes awesome later on, depends on my time schedule.

My paint scheme makes vehicles go very quickly, so the two Demolishers should be knocked out in one night, same with all the chimeras.

I think I can pull it off.

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