2,000 Point Imperial Guard List

This entire painting sprint is for a local tournament in May.  I will be participating in two 2,000 point tournaments, and hopefully a 2,000 point Team Tournament.  I thought I would post my 2k pt list for people to kick around.  It is a little late in the game to start changing too many things, but if you have any input on the list I'm open to listening. 

I haven't had but 2-3 test games with this list, so my biggest struggle is going to be understanding how each unit can support the next.  My lack of meltaguns worries me too, but I expect the Medusa to make up for it.  I'll have to keep her protected.

HQ HQ:18.00%
Reg. Standard15Heavy:25.50%
Priest45Kill Points:19/20
Primaris Psyker70 
+3 Psykers30Total Psyker #:7
2xInfantry Squads100 
2xHeavy Weapon Squads w/Mortars120 
Medusa w/Enclosed Top and Bastion Breaker Shells155 
Leman Russ Battle Tank150 
Side Sponson Plasma Cannons40 


Company Command Squad w/Straken

Last week's unit to paint was my Company Command Squad.  It consists of Colonel "Iron hand" Straken, 3xMeltagun veterans, a Regimental Standard, a Ministorum Priest, and their Heavy Flamer/Multilaser Chimera.

I finished them all yesterday, and that puts me right on schedule.  Here is a quick look at the Command Squad.  I took a few more pictures of them, but decided not to use them.  You can view them at my flickr page, and you can usually see pictures there before I post, as I upload them a day or two prior to posting them on the blog.



Straken and his Priest, ready to roll.


Regimental Standard.  I struggled between making it too bland, and making it too colorful.  I wanted it to both fit in and stand out.  I am happy with the result.  Except for the yellow. I can never get a good coat of yellow. :(

I am actually pretty proud of this guy.  Old school Cadian "Chimera turret guy."  I believe that is the technical term. Haha.  Anyway, I took a flag from the lance of an Warhammer Fantasy Empire Knight, and glued it down behind him.  I originally wanted to have two flags, and mount them on either side of the Chimera like the President does with his limo, but my wife told me it looked dumb, so I settled for this.

Back view.  I painted the flag Necron Abyss, to match the trim of my infantry.


On the schedule for next week:
Magnetize and paint a Vendetta - (Been wanting to paint this thing since day 1, I am pumped!)
Paint a Demolisher
Paint a Leman Russ Battle Tank
Convert and paint a Medusa

The only thing I worry about are the converting/magnetizing, painting vehicles with my paint scheme is fairly straight forward and easy, but if the converting slows me down, then I may be hosed.  We'll see how it goes.  I may give an update halfway through the week.


Corsica - A Quick Historical Analysis of Modern Military Thought

Recently finished Ministorum Priest

Regiments of Corsica

Traditionally, Corsican regiments have been predominantly infantry-based, backed by formations of cavalry and artillery.  Very few transports are implemented into the Corsican Commanders' school of thought. This primarily reflects the historical Corsican culture.

 When originally rediscovered by the Imperium, Corsica was a developing feudal world. Corsican las technology was deteriorated, specifically in their cooling mechanism. Because engineers on the planet could not fully comprehend the internal components of a lasgun cooling system, Corsican-pattern lasguns were developed to only allow one shot every 15-20 seconds.  This allowed an infantryman to fire three volleys every minute, without overheating his rifle.

Corsican commanders developed their battlefield tactics to adapt to the technology, and would arrange their soldiers in ranks, coordinating disciplined firing lines to allow a constant barrage of las fire at their enemies, which, more often than not, were other Corsicans.

Most lasguns produced on Corsica today still retain the firing delay mechanism, for both historical reasons, and for civil protection. Most Corsican boys raised with lasguns, taught how to shoot them, how to hunt with them, and as such they are already well trained marksmen when they are drafted into the military.  Most serve their mandatory 5 year compulsory term in the Planetary Defense Force, but some are conscripted and sent off-world to fight in distant Imperial campaigns.

The Corsican regulars are generally given a Corsican-pattern lasgun, with the delayed firing mechanism. Fully automatic lasguns are reserved specifically for regimental veterans and elite combat units.  As such, Corsican commanders that take to the field still employ the old firing ranks that were used centuries ago on Corsica, and they use it devastatingly.  Of course, this isn't true for every Corsican commander. The more liberal commanders are starting to employ more transports and fast vehicles in their armies, developing rapid deployment and mechanized strategies to adapt to the ever changing ebb and flow of war in the 41st millennium.


On Schedule, for now...

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 002

Well, I am still on schedule to paint 2,000 points of Imperial Guard over 8 weeks. I finished my Veteran Squad with Plasma Guns last night, along with their Chimera.

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 003

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 006
This was my first time to paint a plasma gun.  I may return later on and attempt the "glowing" effect that a lot of people are using now, but this will suffice for the time being.

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 011

Here we have a decent shot of the Necron Abyss I am so proud of(along with my golden finger.)

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 019

Standard Chimera paint job.

And last but not least, a little taste of what should be finished next, the one, the only, Colonel "Iron Hand" Straken!  The Colonel is sporting an over-sized plasma pistol, a great coat, some elementary green stuff, and a spare space marine right arm.  I had always intended to paint my officers grey with blue trim, but now I may go with black with blue trim.  We'll see what happens.
Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 020

Plasma Vet Squad - Finished 021


Quick Update

 Went to my local gaming store and grabbed some Necron Abyss.  I was worried that putting it on black clothing wouldn't be enough contrast to make me happy, but I am excited to say that I love the way the two colors work together.  It will be even better once I figure out how to highlight/blend my black clothing.  But, until then, this will work.  Thoughts?


Psyker Battle Squad

Work station

That is my new paint station.  $10 at a local thrift shop, thanks to my wife.  She is a thrifty lady.  Anyway, I wanted to post my finished Psyker Squad.  I've not based anyone yet, so they aren't 100% finished, but I haven't had time to experiment with different basing techniques yet.  That will be towards the end of my painting schedule I think.

Full Squad

Squad Close ups
Force choke
Force lift
No face
And Psyker's Chimera
Back view, tried to do hazard stripes, but got frustrated and just painted some yellow.

Also, I've begun converting a Primaris Psyker. I thought at first to use an Eldar Warlock model, but the fluff for that was too much of a stretch. I could see the Inquisition coming down hard on my poor Primaris for using Xenos technology. I settled for a halberd type weapon and I'm going to green stuff a cord from the backpack to the force weapon.



Painting Progress

So far I have completed my Hellhound, my Psyker Battle Squad, and my Psyker Battle Squad's Chimera.  Currently I am working on my Veteran squad with 3xPlasma guns and their Chimera.  They were already partially painted, but I am stuck on how I want to finish them off.

I have three options, all three have camouflaged helmets, shoulders, and chests.  The dilemma comes in whether their pants will be camouflaged, grey with blue trim, or black with possible blue trim.  I've mocked up a few practice soldiers.  What do you guys think?

First, fully camo.  Sorry he is so blurry.

Next up, Black Pants Soldier.  Seems a little too plain for me, you know? But it has potential.

Finally, Gray pants with blue trim.  It would be cleaned up of course.  I just feel like he looks awkward, like he got dressed in the dark and grabbed the wrong pants.

So which do you think looks best?