Painting Progress

So far I have completed my Hellhound, my Psyker Battle Squad, and my Psyker Battle Squad's Chimera.  Currently I am working on my Veteran squad with 3xPlasma guns and their Chimera.  They were already partially painted, but I am stuck on how I want to finish them off.

I have three options, all three have camouflaged helmets, shoulders, and chests.  The dilemma comes in whether their pants will be camouflaged, grey with blue trim, or black with possible blue trim.  I've mocked up a few practice soldiers.  What do you guys think?

First, fully camo.  Sorry he is so blurry.

Next up, Black Pants Soldier.  Seems a little too plain for me, you know? But it has potential.

Finally, Gray pants with blue trim.  It would be cleaned up of course.  I just feel like he looks awkward, like he got dressed in the dark and grabbed the wrong pants.

So which do you think looks best?


  1. Hmmm...painting's not really a strength of mine, but the top one seems too busy, and the bottom one too regular. The middle one would be ace maybe with some highlighting on the folds of the fabric - but I can't do that myself.

    Maybe if the blue details on the bottom were more random, almost like a different camouflage, it might work...but then you're giving yourself a whole additional world of painting-pain.

    Whichever you choose, make sure it's enjoyable and quick! I'm a slow painter, even with flat colours and no highlights, and my 250-ish infantry got a little tiresome around the forty mark!

  2. Why not try something contrasting to the camo... its all very much of a muchness at the moment, Im thinkning Id give them beige fatigues, or something that would go with your basing - but obvs you havent settled on an idea for that yet. So my opinion is, if you're doing a muddy base, go with a light brown or beige. If you were doing a grassy base, use a muted green - like catachan! hope this helps!
    Craig @ cadian8th

  3. The basing will likely be gray. I have some gravel and some sand that I'm going to work with and once I find a consistancy I like I will paint the basing materials black with a gray drybrush. I have a city-fight theme in mind for them, if that helps with their concept.

    I feel like there is so much black/grey going on with them, that they just look too dull. I love the way my vehicles are coming along, but I am not sold on the infantry just yet.