Company Command Squad w/Straken

Last week's unit to paint was my Company Command Squad.  It consists of Colonel "Iron hand" Straken, 3xMeltagun veterans, a Regimental Standard, a Ministorum Priest, and their Heavy Flamer/Multilaser Chimera.

I finished them all yesterday, and that puts me right on schedule.  Here is a quick look at the Command Squad.  I took a few more pictures of them, but decided not to use them.  You can view them at my flickr page, and you can usually see pictures there before I post, as I upload them a day or two prior to posting them on the blog.



Straken and his Priest, ready to roll.


Regimental Standard.  I struggled between making it too bland, and making it too colorful.  I wanted it to both fit in and stand out.  I am happy with the result.  Except for the yellow. I can never get a good coat of yellow. :(

I am actually pretty proud of this guy.  Old school Cadian "Chimera turret guy."  I believe that is the technical term. Haha.  Anyway, I took a flag from the lance of an Warhammer Fantasy Empire Knight, and glued it down behind him.  I originally wanted to have two flags, and mount them on either side of the Chimera like the President does with his limo, but my wife told me it looked dumb, so I settled for this.

Back view.  I painted the flag Necron Abyss, to match the trim of my infantry.


On the schedule for next week:
Magnetize and paint a Vendetta - (Been wanting to paint this thing since day 1, I am pumped!)
Paint a Demolisher
Paint a Leman Russ Battle Tank
Convert and paint a Medusa

The only thing I worry about are the converting/magnetizing, painting vehicles with my paint scheme is fairly straight forward and easy, but if the converting slows me down, then I may be hosed.  We'll see how it goes.  I may give an update halfway through the week.


  1. happy to see that shotgun conversion put to good use!

  2. Yeah, looks slightly familiar, right?