Chattanooga Classic - Game One

Suppressing the rebellion of Nereus II
When the revolt broke out on Nereus II, the Corsican 523rd was the first to be deployed to the sector.  They would lead the charge into a fully equipped rebel army. Colonel 'Blitzkrieg' Caine was more than up to the task.  The battle cry for Nereus II would soon grow into the regimental motto, 'Sic Semper Hereticus,' thus always to heretics. 


Hobby Progress: Manticore Update

Quick update for this afternoon's progress.  I base coated all my infantry, and then turned my attention to completing my vehicles.  I some touching up to do on a Demolisher and my Chimeras, but my Manticore is 100% complete, as shown above.

Hobby Progress: Chattanooga Classic prep

Going against our usual schedule of one update a month, I thought I might show the progress on my army for the Chattanooga Classic coming up this weekend.  I have the day off today, so I'll have a majority of this painted by the end of today.


Chattanooga Classic - Possible IG List

First is a shot of my WIP Straken upgrade.  I was never truly happy with my original shotgun conversion.  This one is growing on me.  I had a gears of war style chainsaw-shotgun, but this one looked better I think.  To the left you can see his Tau bodyguard.  Working out the fluff for that in my head, but that pose is epic.