Hobby Progress: Chattanooga Classic prep

Going against our usual schedule of one update a month, I thought I might show the progress on my army for the Chattanooga Classic coming up this weekend.  I have the day off today, so I'll have a majority of this painted by the end of today.

First, we have Straken's squad above.  From left to right, Medic, Meltagun(converted from a Kasrkin), Straken himself(new and improved), another meltagun, and Straken's Tau bodyguard/slave.

Second on the list we have Al'rahem's command squad. Left to right, Meltagun, Al'rahem, Regular Joe, Meltagun, Medic.

Standard Melta veteran squad.  The sergeant still shiny from the watered-down black base coat.

And finally we have a demolisher turret, a chimera turret, a manticore+missiles, and some touch ups to do on the demolisher hull.

As for the list itself, it is in the last post.  I'll probably keep it as is for this tournament.  It performed fairly well.  Straken punched out a Tyrannofex, and Al'rahem dropped a Tervigon that was at full strength.  Very happy with their performance.


  1. A great read. Thanks for posting this for our readers (me).

  2. We had 20 visitors yesterday, and 11 visitors so far today. So I am writing for them too. Unless you are spamming our blog for numbers.

    Google bots like hobby updates too, StormTroll.