Week 1 : Hellhound

40k IG Hellhound 1

Sunday started week one of my "Six Units in Six Weeks" Paint-a-thon. I got a jump start on it Saturday afternoon, and as of Sunday night my Hellhound was completed, save for some minor touch up work. I really like the burning on the tip of the Flamer, and the black-gray speckled camo is turning out nice as well. Much better than I had anticipated.

Hellhound Conversion 2


  1. Sweet!

    Mate, that tubing is one of the smartest uses of chimera gun ports I've seen in years! Nice work.

  2. Thanks, and congratulations for being my first commenter! I really admire your work, btw.

    The tubing happened to fit perfectly into the ports. I debated on painting them, but I like the clear look.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, and good luck with the blog!