Not dead yet!

I've not fallen into the abyss yet. I'm actually falling behind on my painting schedule. I should have finished up my vehicles last week, but I really only have 1.5 finished out of 4. The Vendetta and Leman Russ rivets turned out to be much smaller than those on the Chimeras, so that is slowing me down.

This week I need to finish 6 mortar teams, a Platoon Command Squad, and perhaps my Primaris Psyker(if I can decide on a color scheme for him).

Next week I have to finish 2 Infantry Squads and a Commissar, and the week after that I have a Veteran Squad to complete AND I have to base all my infantry. That is also the same week as the tournament, which will start on Friday. I may try to complete all 31 infantry models next week so I am not too rushed he following week. We'll see what happens.

I will have some pictures up in a few days time, once I finish off the vehicles. I am very proud of how my Vendetta turned out. Even magnetized it!

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  1. Let's see some pictures of it! It looks pretty baller in person.