A Christening Post

Why hello there!

It seems I have been given the ultimate authority and a prize sought by many-assistant author privileges on Corsican 523rd  Any Given Codex. Bringing me aboard has increased subscribers by 500% within 24 hours; so all five of you will have an interesting read I'm sure.

Anyways, at BoxerSaint's behest I will submit my own writings on this prestigious blog from now on. My plans are to include some battle reports, painting updates for my army (those with weak stomachs are advised against viewing my attempts at painting), and theory crafting with army compositions.

First, a little about myself.

I'm new to Warhammer 40k. I haven't played anyone besides boxersaint and I've yet to use an army comprised of units which are all mine. I do, however, play Space Wolves, so they take care of me better than, say, the Tau or Necrons would had I picked them initially. I played a lot of Mechwarrior: Dark Age (it pains me to even type that name), and played at enough tournaments to become among the top 50 in the world for almost a year straight.

That name, even today, makes me feel like I want to cut myself.

So anyway, there you have it. I actually enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby somewhat, and I look forward to pimping out units that do well with wolf talismans, knives, and what have you.

The above is an early attempt at my space wolves color. I can't seem to find a suitable color I like short of combining Adeptus Battlegrey and Sky Blue, but I don't want to do that for every model as I'm sure I'll have an inconsistent batch here and there. Ergo, I went with the battlegrey since the Codex said explicitly that's what they use as a basecoat. I chose Gunnar Red Moon as my Great Chapter since everyone paints their armies with Ragmar Blackmane paint scheme. Plus, the Red Moon chapter uses a lot of long fangs and value veterans, and I love me some Long Fangs!

Speaking of which, I used them against BoxerSaint's Imperial Guard mechanized list of doom this past Friday. Here's the 1500 point list I used:

Rune Priest [Living Lightning, Jaws, Chooser of the Slain]
Rune Priest [Jaws, Murderous Hurricane]

5 Wolf Guard [4 with power fist and combi-meltas, 1 with chainfist, terminator armor and cyclone missile launcher]

6 Hunters [meltagun, wolf standard, mark of the wulfen, rhino]
6 Hunters [meltagun, wolf standard, mark of the wulfen, rhino]
6 Hunters [meltagun, wolf standard, mark of the wulfen, rhino]
5 Hunters [meltagun, razorback with twin linked lascannons]

6 Long Fangs [5 missile launchers]
6 Long Fangs [5 missile launchers]
6 Long Fangs [5 missile launchers]
That's a lot of Long Fangs.

I won, by the way. No more beat stick thank you very much.

This army can essentially be played three ways as I see it.

1) Sit back and shoot while waiting for them to come to me and then pounce on them with Grey Hunter squads.
2) Wait a bit for Long Fangs and Razorback to soften them up then move in for the kill
3) Move up asap and shoot shoot shoot with Long Fangs and Razorback.

I chose door number three. I tried to control midfield with it, and it worked pretty well. Boxersaint's Valkyrie tore up the left side of the field, but I put a rhino and Long Fang squad on my far left to hold the flank. My luck with dice rolls have followed me from Dark Age, and I just immobilized the Valkyrie. I eventually killed it, but not before he dropped his flamethrowers, which were dealt with in short order by a Grey Hunter squad, and they went running. Speaking of which, Boxersaint could not pass a leadership test, and I passed two in a row where I couldn't roll above a three. My Rune Priest with the sword modeled on him passed them both and even managed to block about three psychic attacks. He was the MVP by a long shot.

Boxersaint's Leman Russ hid behind cover the whole game and he made all of his cover saves the entire game, so I only glanced it once, and that was when he was out in the open at the end of the game.

The rest of our armies met in the middle and we basically had a bloodbath for two turns. If you scroll down you'll see Boxersaint's Straken squad he painted below. Yeah; those all died to my Rune Priest number two's runic axe, but not before taking out my own battle-weary squad at the same time.

My left flank did so well the Long Fangs had nobody to shoot for two turns, and I had to run them twice and they still didn't have a target. Ergo, my next battleforce will have a few less Long Fangs I think.

My next list failed miserably thanks in part to horrible reserve rolls and a grave mistake on my part to reserve my Long Fangs, leaving my drop pod units to their doom against the full might of the IG mechanized division. AKA the dumbo division. Also, BoxerSaint arranged his tanks in a neat circle so I couldn't hit the rear armor and they just had their way with me. So, kudos to him, I suppose. Bleh.

I learned a few things from Friday night:
1) Never put my Long Fang sergeant in the middle of the formation if he's gonna be the first one I wound. Derp.
2) I need something to handle the heavy armor I'll inevitably see from Boxersaint and others in local games/tournaments. As such, I'll be experimenting with another lascannon razorback..
3) I will try toning down the amount of long fangs in each squad, if I take three squads, by one per squad.
4) Don't forget I have combi-meltas on my Wolf Guard
5) Don't be afraid to take the fight to them, even if they look scary. My Grey Hunters are pretty legit, especially with Mark of the Wulfen, so I'm getting better about trying to stay away from scary things, such as Terminators when I should shoot then assault them if I get the chance instead of taking it like a sissie from them next turn.
6) Watch out for a bag of tricks, especially late game-i.e. a Fear which causes one of my squads to run off the objective last freaking turn. At least I had both this time, so it didn't matter.

BoxerSaint - Things I learned from Friday Night
1) My Vendetta will rarely stay mobile/alive past turn two. 
2) Chimera walls in close quarters are never a good idea.  It turns into bumper to bumper traffic fast.
3) A Leman Russ with Plasma sponsons is also known as a "Gun Magnet".
4) 3 mortars are annoying, 6 mortars can be game changing.
5) 20 man infantry squads require a Commissar to hold an objective from anything other than grot squads.
6) A Straken command squad carries enough gas for one round of combat, even with Nork(who I will not be taking again).

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be playing the same general army next week since Boxersaint will be getting ready for the local tournament. My goal is to make him work for it this time.

Again, I don't profess to be an expert or even fully ready to go to a tournament yet, but I feel my experience as a "battlemaster" (see: referee) during Dark Age for over a year has translated somewhat to another tabletop game. I will also take more pictures next time and jot down notes for each turn so I can post them here if I want and to review them later to see where I messed up or what worked.

Peace out ladies.

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