2000 Tournament List - Coriscan 523rd

Not to be outdone by Stormcrow, I present my tournament list:


Company Command Squad(175)
3xPlasma Guns, Plasma Pistol, Regimental Standard, Chimera

Primaris Psyker(70)

Veteran Squad(155)
3xMeltaguns, Chimera

Veteran Squad(155)
3xMeltaguns, Chimera

Veteran Squad(200)
3xGrenade Launchers, Demolitions, Carapace, Chimera

Veteran Squad(145)
3xFlamers, Demolitions, Carapace

Platoon Command Squad
2xInfantry Squads + 1xCommissar
2xMortar Heavy Weapon Squads



Leman Russ Battle Tank(150)

Leman Russ Demolisher w/Plasma Cannon sponsons(205)

Enclosed crew compartment, bastion-breacher shells

1955 pts
45 points left over, I'm not sure what I want to do with them.  Could upgrade the platoon command squad, or give heavy weapons to the infantry squads.

Overall the list gives me a mobile element (chimeras, leman russes, vendettas) and a 'home base' element (20 man combined squad, mortars, medusa).

The melta and plasma squads can handle termies and MEQ, and the Vendetta + veterans and medusa handle tanks.

The mortars are a pain to all infantry from Terminators to Orks.


  1. "Not to be outdone by Stormcrow"

    Too Late.

  2. "Lets write a blog together, bro." Trolls every post.

  3. Yeah yeah that many mortar shots will level some orks. Along with any other army that is infantry based.