Maul in the Mall Prep - Space Wolves vs 2+ save Blood Angels

So after Stormcrow faced 3 armies with 2+ saves against 3 different opponents, we decided to tweak his list a little and put it up against 10 Blood Angel terminators with storm shields.

Stormcrow took the following Space Wolf list:

Rune Priest - Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane, w/Chooser of the Slain
2xDreadnoughts with TLLascannons and heavy flamers
3xWolf Guard(2xw/Combi-plasma, 1xw/Combi-melta and power fist)
9xGrey hunters(Mark of the Wulfen and Wolf standard, and 1xMelta gun) in a Rhino
5xGrey hunters w/1xplasma gun in a LasPlas Razorback
5xGrey hunters w/1xplasma gun in a LasPlas Razorback
5xGrey hunters w/1xFlamer
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback

And I took the following Blood Angel list:

Astorath the Grim
Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack
Sanguinary Priest in Power Armor
10xAssault Terminators w/Thunder hammers and Storm shields
10xTactical Squad w/Heavy bolter
10xTactical Squad w/Lascannon
10xAssault Squad, w/2xMeltaguns and a power fist
10xAssault Squad, w/2xFlamers and a power fist
5xDevastators, 4xMissile launchers
5xDevastators, 4xMissile launchers
5xDevastators, 3xMissile launchers, 1xPlasma cannon

We rolled up the pitched battle/table quarters mission from the upcoming Maul in the Mall tournament. Only troop units can score and only troop units can contest.  I knew I'd have to shut down his troop transports early on and force him to fight in his own two table quarters.  If I could keep him in his deployment zone then that would go a long way to winning the game.


Stormcrow won the roll for first turn, and choose the right side of the board. Half my army fell to the red thirst, denoted by a translucent red dice next to the unit. That would help in holding table quarters later on.
I decided to deep strike my Terminator squad, hopefully as a huge road block to keep him in his deployment zone. I'm having to proxy most of my army, so working from the bottom of the picture to the top left you see:
Devastator squad with 3xML and 1xPC
5 man combat squad with heavy bolter, along with a Sanguinary Priest(the bleached bone model)
Two 5 man combat squads with bolters and a sergeant

The closest 5 man squad in this picture is the 5 man combat squad with a lascannon, and then two 5 man devastator squads with 4xML in both.

Finally we have the two 10 man assault squads, 2 meltas 2 flamers, one power fist in each, and Astorath and a Sanguinary priest tagging along.

I didn't get a good shot of Stormcrow's lines, but across from the assault squads you can see two dreadnoughts and a 6 man long fang squad, the red vehicle in the distance is a lasplas razorback proxy.

A long fang squad posted up in the ruins in the middle of his deployment zone with some transports behind them, and on the far right he had some empty razorbacks, a razorback with a squad inside, and another long fang squad, along with Bjorn.

And I seized the initiative.

Turn I
First turn and last turn are both night fighting, according to the scenario, so I ordered a general advance across the board.  The tactical squads moved through the ruined squad to get into position to dive into the quarter across from them towards the end of the game.  The sanguinary priest nearby, along with the cover from the ruins, would ensure they survived long enough.

My devastators stayed put, but couldn't see anything due to the night fighting.

Here you see Stormcrow lining up his MISS-ile launchers.  His acute senses and my advance allowed him to get a few shots off, but cover saves and feel no pain mitigated the minimal damage.  He shifted some transports around during his movement phase and popped smoke in preparation for my return fire.

Turn II

The terminator squad came in in the middle of the field, and scattered back towards my lines a little.

But, after a 6 for my run move, I didn't worry so much.  Had to spread out to minimize Bjorn's plasma cannon and the inevitable frag missile volleys.

My right flank fired into the opposing long fang squad with their bolters and heavy bolters, and killed a few.  The assault squads leaped forward, and put 6 wounds on the long fang squad on my left flank with flamers and bolt pistols. He saved every single one.

Before the charge

My front assault squad had taken some casualties during the first turn night fighting, but I felt they were still strong enough to stick it to the long fangs.

After the charge
I was right.

Stormcrow's turn two shooting phase brought the moment of truth. 6 Plasma guns, in double tap range, and one plasma cannon, (plus a few lascannons tossed in) vs 10 Thunder Hammer Storm Shield terminators.  His razorbacks swung around the corner of the ruins...

 The battle lines were drawn, the Grey Hunters took aim...

Every gun slowly turned towards the Terminators, and there was a brief moment of silence...a tumble weed bounced across the board, and then...!

"Oh, sorry..."
And then! Bjorn...get out of the way!

After the smoke cleared, two men were dead...

One Blood Angel terminator, courtesy of Bjorn's plasma cannon, and one Wolf guard, courtesy of his combi-plasma.  Not the outcome we were expecting.  My 3+ saves were spot on.  I bet I made seven or eight 3+ saves.

Stormcrow's Dreadnoughts shot up my small assault squad.  I removed models from the front, and kept him out of charge range, but it didn't really matter. The plasma volley's lack of damage kind of took the wind out of his sails.

The game went down hill from there.  my terminators ate one of the five man grey hunter squads that shot them.  The small assault squad took Astorath and charged the other grey hunter squad.  Bjorn eventually made it to the terminators and charged them, he didn't kill anyone and I ripped his arm off.

With two of his four troops dead, I lined up missile shots on one of his last grey hunter squads hiding in a razorback, and blew it up.  That was followed by a plasma cannon shot and 3 frag missiles, all hit, many wounded, and he lost all 5 grey hunters.  With only one troop choice left, Stormcrow surrendered in the middle of turn 4.

My strategy worked.  I targeted his troop vehicles to limit his mobility, and the terminators coming in on turn 2 right in the middle of the board gave him something he had to deal with immediately.  I usually run a 100% mech Blood Angel list, so running a foot list was a nice change of pace.  In the end, we decided Stormcrow's new list is more effcient, and if he ever faces 10 thunder hammer storm shield terminators againt, he will fire one volley, and then use bjorn and the other dreadnoughts as consecutive speed bumps.


  1. Love the captions!

    I think this is the main type of list that gives me a headache.

  2. Get it? Cause you miss, Get it? Classy.