Blood Angels - 2,000 Points

I'm taking a look at my Blood Angels again, since my IG are about 95% complete (just need to paint up my new Manticore).  I've had a few test runs with my BA list against GKs and I've been successful, but I'm waiting for Stormcrow to figure his list out and stomp me.  This is a heavy mech list, but I feel it makes use of the Blood Angels speed, while also having enough close combat ability to hold its own when it finally meets the enemy.  It plays much different from my IG mech list.  The IG list is a more 'stationary' mech, while this BA list is a mobile run-and-gun list.  Anyway, on to the list:

Avatar-Knight Tesio the Younger, Champion of the Crusade
(Mephiston - 250)

Consul-Brother Aetius
(Terminator Librarian[Shield/Prefered Enemy] - 125)

Consul Guard
(Terminator Assault Squad(2xthss, 3xLC) - 210)
Pax Deorum
(Landraider Crusader w/Extra Armor and Multi-melta - 275)

Pontifex-Brother Luther
(Sanguinary Priest - 50)

Julius Detachment, led by Sergeant-Brother Julius
(Assault Squad, Meltagun, Power Weapon, TL Assault Cannon Razorback, Dozerblade - 185)

Urban Detachment, led by Sergeant-Brother Urban
(Assault Squad, Meltagun, Power Weapon, TL Assault Cannon Razorback, Dozerblade - 185)

Clement Detachment, led by Sergeant-Brother Clement
(Assault Squad, TL Lascannon Razorback, Dozerblade - 160)

(Baal Predator, TL Assault Cannon, heavy flamer sponsons, dozerblade -145)

(Baal Predator, TL Assault Cannon, heavy flamer sponsons, dozerblade - 145)

(Predator, autocannon, lascannon sponsons - 135)

(Predator, autocannon, lascannon sponsons - 135)

I have a tank formation consisting of the Landraider, two Baal predators, and the twin-linked assault cannon Razorback squads.  They form the core of my force, with the Librarian giving off 5+ cover from the edge of the Landraider.  They are a huge 12"-24" threat.  While they are lumbering across the board, I have the Autolas predators rolling through my backfield, giving suppressing fire, and the twin-linked lascannon Razorback squad can hang out with them and offer from protection against outflankers, as well as claim home objectives and toss lascannon shots in support of the predators.

Mephiston follows the Landraider and leaps forward to smash whatever needs to be smashed.

Mobility across my entire force means I can dictate where the fight happens, and withdraw from a side of the board that I feel I am getting overwhelmed on.

My main weakness is my Landraider is my linchpin.  If it gets immobilized before I can drop of the Terminators, then my whole list grinds to a hault, and I immediately go into a defensive mode.

A side note, I used to take the Landraider Redeemer for thematic purposes (flamer sponsons matched my Baal Predators), but recently I've began taking a Terminator Librarian so that he can be more survivable when we finally hit the enemy, so I needed the extra space the Crusader offered so I could fit my Sanguinary Priest in the Landraider as well.

Dozerblades across the board are a new addition as well (minus the Autolas Predators).  I'll never run an assault squad without them again.


  1. It's a solid list that can put the hurt on any army if that land raider gets close enough. This list needs to pass the litmus test of my re-tooled purifier list and steel wolves, or at least face them again to see how it handles shooting. This list will need to face a really assaulty army like another BA list, because I feel that this list could get caught off guard if faced with a genestealer list or another BA list with dante and mephiston, but with a bit more assualt; your shooting could make the difference though.

  2. I'm not afraid of assaulting armies too much because I can move and shoot and keep my distance. They problem comes with fleeting units and cavalry, because I have to stay 18"-24" away from them or risk getting assaulted, and with fleeting cavalry, they can catch me at 19" if they role a 1 on their run move, so I have to be even more careful with them. As long as I move >7" each turn though it mitigates a lot of their damage if they do get the assault off.

    I am interested in seeing how it does against your Wolves. Facing a 48" ranged army will be interesting. I'll have to take a lot of punishment before I even get into firing range.

  3. http://www.rainn.org/


    New Crowe list=great success. In all honesty, though, that BA list is still competitive and should do great against most any other list; Crowe purifier, if done correctly, is so hard to beat and is pretty much capable of defeating any army, so don't take these games as a judgement of your list. Next time we play I'll take my TWC list against this so you'll fight a balanced list that's not quite as...broken haha.

    On a side note-"hawkeye" Dreadnought makes me hard in the pants.

  4. In hindsight, I can thik of tactics that would have done better in that game, but I'll learn in time.

    If I had put 5 assault marines in that landraider, and pushed it up your right flank, then walked that terminator squad straight forward, with the rest of my army rushing your left flank, things would have went better.

    Your dreads would have struggled to hurt my landraider, and hopefully I could keep your rhinos out of range of it, forcing you to take shots at my Terminators with your psycannons, and shots at my landraider with your autocannons, the best of both worlds for me. But that would have been an odd switch that wouldn't have come to me unless I had seen that fight before. Oh well. It is little tactical tweaks like that that I will learn I guess.

    Yeah, the Russell cROLL list is pretty good. All those psycannons mess up armor. Old Hawkeye is a SoB.

    I added a picture to your last post, btw. Gotta have pictures. Pictures are classy.

  5. Why would I shoot the dreads at a LR with 5 marines lol. I think your best bet is to keep termies in the land raider or deep strike them. If you put them on foot I'd break shileds with vimdicare and send a warding stave to finish them off while I shoot other vehicles with dreads. Point is that against shooty armies I'd play your strenghts and keepbthe termites in the land raider and keep mefistyou behind it while getting predators in their fact long enough for LR and meph to close IMO

  6. You would shoot the landraider with 5 marines because they are the ones contesting the quarter in that mission.

  7. Oh ok, save the AV14 scoring vehicle for last, as it pours assault cannon shots into your FaceRollDreads. In the meantime my terminators are eating your psycannon shots like skittles. Nom nom nom.

  8. Ill take my chances with AV 12 in cover/moving 6 inch a turn against one asscan.