Ard Boyz Batrep #1

Hi! This past weekend was the first round for "Ard Boyz." I attended the one hosted by Dicehead, and decided to take my wolves as they're the only army I have that has significant models. I'm rather restricted on what I have, so I decided to tack on my Thunderwolf lance to my Steel Wolves list. Thankfully, I had painted the wolves first thing out of any figures (they're pretty fun to paint and look at), and had based them already. As it turns out they're exactly 500 points, so that worked great!

Here's my list:

Bjorn with a Plasma Cannon
Rune Priest - Living Lightning and Storm Caller, w/Chooser of the Slain
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf w/ Wolf Tooth Necklace, Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw, Saga of the Bear
3xThunderwolf Cavalry w/ Storm Shield/Storm Shield and Hammer/Basic
2xDreadnoughts with TLLascannons and heavy flamers
5xGrey hunters w/1xmeltagun in a LasPlas Razorback
5xGrey hunters w/1xmeltagun in a LasPlas Razorback
5xGrey hunters w/1xPlasma Gun
5xGrey hunters w/1xPlasma Gun
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
6xLong fangs w/5xMissile launchers, in a TLLC Razorback
Wolf Scout Squad w/ Meltagun
Land Speeder w/ Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer
Land Speeder w/ Multi-Melta and Heavy Flamer

It's got the incredible gunline of my main army plus assault/countercharge of the Thunderwolves.

Anyway, a total of 8 people played in this tournament, and I played Will Staples. He brought his Blood Angels list with 10 terminators. Oh well; I knew Dicehead loves terminators so I brought some plasma just for this!

His list (from memory):
4 lazorbacks with 5 man assault squads with a melta gun in each.
Two speeders with multi melta
Two scout squads with snipers and rocket launcher
two Stormravens
two 5 man squads of terminators with 3 TH/SS and 2 dual power claws
A priest (I think-it gave furious charge and FNP)

The mission: kill your traitor and obtain kill points. Control terrain. Get his traitor back to his deployment zone. 1st turn night fighting with pitched battle.

He put his traitor in a squad of assault marines. I put down my scout squad in the middle of the field inside a building directly in the center, and my Chooser over their head. He deploys in a huge structure on the top floor and off to the side.

He won first turn, btw, with a roll of 6, but let me go first. I guess he forgot about acute senses, but at least my vehicles don't get it.

Deployment. I have Long Fangs on each fire lane, with cover in case he seizes.

My scouts are ready to rumble. No outflank this game, btw.
His scouts off to the left of my units.
My units ready to go after the first turn of my movement. Notice his speeders are in cover.
I get a little lucky with acute senses rolls. My Long Fangs pop two razorbacks and destroy a few weapons and stun another.
Anathon perils during Storm Caller. My speeders move flat out with one moving up in the middle to pop a storm raven if he comes on (despite its special armor), and the other moves out to flame some scouts with flamers.
A blurry shot of the aftermath of his moving and shooting. He winds up stunning a razorback and popping another with his multi-melta. He moves up a bit towards my units.
Here's that speeder.
Now that I can see I throw a few frags on his units, but fail to kill more than one or two. Anathon Perils again and dies. Whee!
My scouts charge in this blurry shot; notice my traitor. They kill maybe one unit and lose a few of their own. Right before this I pop a speeder and immobilize another.
His turn! He gets one stormraven and moves it flat out towards me. I hope those terminators don't get too close. He shoots at my units but misses with his lascannon.
Problem for him: He can't actually see my speeder with his rocket launcher, so it's safe for now. I had no idea he couldn't see it. He then immobilizes a razorback in the middle.
He charges my scouts with his other squad left behind.
They win and consolidate towards the middle in cover.
My turn. I move up a bit and prepare for arrival of terminators.
I flame his scouts, killing three.
I move up my other speeder and that pops a razorback, exploding it. I'm hoping to flame the traitor's squad next turn.
My Thunderwolves come in turn three. Better late than never, I suppose. Let's hope they can get to the terminators before they get to my units. I immobilize his Storm Raven with lots of shooting. Better than nothing I suppose.
His turn! He gets another stormraven in and only immbilizes the speeder up there. He kills the other one with meltas. My Grey Hunters, from the exploded razorback on the right, kill his other speeder and move into cover.
He pops a razorback with his multi-melta, spilling my units out.
They fail their pinning.
His assault squads with jet packs come in, with one dying to dangerous terrain. They charge Long Fangs, who are quite used to handling charging units at this point. Each squad kills two.
He tries to assault but rolls two ones through cover. Wow.
4 Long Fangs against two last assault squad units.
The beginning of my turn. A shot of my Wolves getting about to move up.
Bjorn and friends move up on the right, hoping to get his traitor to his deployment zone and to kill his traitor. I shoot at my traitor, but fail to wound it.
...Or did I?! Bjorn fires off a last shot. It hits! He fails his cover save and melts. Bjorn cackles, remembering his clutch last shot at Fateweaver not long ago.
A shot of the old man himself.
Long Fangs pour frags into his tactical squad next to his terminators, killing a few.
My Thunderwolves arrive, charging into his Terminators. Let's see what happens.
The results of the charge. All but one terminator dies, and his HQ dies to my Wolf Lord. I take a wound.
His assault squad kills another Long Fang.
His turn! He unloads his Stormraven, ready to charge.
His movement.
He gets his other squad of assault marines in and tries to pop Bjorn.
Here we have game time. He assaults my Grey Hunters with his tactical squad. He also charges in his terminators into my Thunderwolves.
His assault squad...assaults. Bjorn grins wolfishly inside his iron tomb as they rush in.
He kills three, and the other two run off. Farewell! I also pop his first Stormraven.
More Long Fang combat-three Long Fangs and one assault marine left.
The results of his charge. One dead Thunderwolf, a wound on other two, and two wounds on the Lord. I kill off the other terminator.
A better shot of the board at this point. His Stormraven is immobilized. He charges his assault squad (in black) at the Grey Hunters to the side of the note card/crater, killing them all.
For my turn I try to get his traitor to his deployment. I also stay within 6 inches of the fleeing units.
A better shot of the assault. A shot of the lone assault squad member that finished off my other plasma 5 man Grey Hunter unit.
My combat round results in all Thunderwolves dead and my Lord still kicking and screaming.
He finally kills the land speeder.
His turn results in some movement and finishing up of combat. My Long Fangs wipe him out-the lone surviving sergeant growls victoriously as his chainsword flings blood and gore through the air.
His remaining terminators kills the Lord, who takes a terminator with him.
The game ends here. I didn't move early enough and failed to get the traitor in the deployment zone. However, I killed his HQ and my traitor, and he killed Anathon (aka he periled himself to death). I control more terrain pieces as well. I win by a total of 7 kill points, so I get a major victory-19 points total for all the modifiers as well.

I have to say I was a little nervous about his terminators coming after me, especially with those two storm ravens, but thankfully they didn't come in at the same time. Will's luck was rather poor when it came to moving through cover and his scouts, which missed more often than not. He was a really nice guy and it was nice to meet someone new, as well as claim victory over terminators.

Batrep 2 coming up.

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