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I've decided to start a blog to document my progress in painting and playing. I have roughly 2250+ points of Imperial Guard and Blood Angels. I started 40k somewhere around 2001-2002, right at the tail end of 3rd edition. I picked up space marines, of course, and eventually turned them into Blood Angels, thinking that would help me win the inevitable close combats I fought against my friend's Ork horde. Oh, I was so young and naive. I eventually started collecting Imperial Guard as well, once the plastic Cadians were released.

I dropped 40k once I hit college and picked it back up in August of 2010. To my surprise, and discouragement, both of my armies had new codexes. $50 down the drain from the get go...that is the 40k I remembered. I had a sizable mechanized force built up for my Blood Angels, which surpassed me since vehicles were awful back in 3rd and 4th(remember the naivety), but I guess the young me was just preparing for 5th edition.

However, my Imperial Guard was the standard foot slogging list of 4th edition. I didn't even own a single chimera. I had planned on building a mechanized IG force, "That will be more challenging," I told myself. But then I found out about the leaf blower lists, and how mech guard was the new big thing, so I turned back to my foot guard. Thus the Corsican 523rd was reborn. 523 for my wedding anniversary(May 23rd), and Corsican for their Napoleonic, rifle line play style that I refuse to give up on.

Will they frustrate me enough to turn them into the 101st EBay Regiment? Will I surrender and purchase all the melta guns and chimeras I can find? We'll find out.

BoxerSaint, out.

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